We have known Lorne for a couple decades now. His products are always top quality and the service & value are excellent. We highly recommend GW Foods for your home or family. You won’t be disappointed.
A & J Leusink

My mom was one of Lorne’s first customers, some 30 years ago and our family benefitted from her
generosity. Its always a pleasure when he drops by and particular fun to talk hockey and football. We
consider him a good friend. The food quality is excellent!
Don and Shirley Mack

We met over 25 years ago. Great man, good friend and great products. One of the last of the true
people out there!
Reg Greening

We have been buying from Lorne for over 30 years and have never been disappointed in the quality of his food. Great service. A wonderful man to know!
Hans and Julia Eckart

Lorne has been stocking my freezer for over 30 years. The product is always great and the service is extraordinary!
Margaret Clarke

Here comes the frozen steak and fishman. Oh he has such great products to bring into our home. Oh and he’s a FLYERS fan !
Fay and Al Shearer

LT is the man. We suggest that everyone tries his food. What a great person to be around. Do yourself a favour and definitely check him out.
Jimmy and LT’s Flyer crew from Philly

Fishman has been bringing us amazing food for 30 years now! His ginger beef is our favourite.
Ken and Marliss Evans

Have been buying products from Lorne for over 30 years and always very happy with the product and
awesome customer service.
Jeff L

Our family has been dealing with Lorne for about 20 years (at least). Our kids were little at the time and
we always purchased chicken strips from him and he became affectionately known as “ The Chicken
Man”. We have moved from chicken strips to other great foods and absolutely love the shrimp! The best
part of Lorne is his memory and how he treats his customers as personal friends. Great guy, with
excellent product and exceptional service.
Donna G

Lorne showed up at our door about 25 years ago and we have come to know and appreciate him over
the years. He provides excellent food and great service. We are proud to call him our friend.
Larry and Colleen Jensen

The “Fishman” Lorne. Great Guy. Great Eats.

Just made chicken breasts and they were delicious with just a sprinkling of herbs. Callie says that is because Uncle Fish is “Da Bomb”! Excellent service for
many, many years.
Lisa C

Never been disappointed with any of Lorne’s products. Here’s to another 25 years!
Bob Englund

We have been buying food from Lorne for many years. He is a great guy and the products are very good
quality. Always look forward to his visits!!
B and G Sawchuk

I have done business with Lorne for almost 7 years. He was referred to me by a family friend who has
been doing business with him for almost 25 years. The product he represents is true to his word and of
impeccable quality. Lorne is a real treat to do business with and a true professional. Looking forward to
continuing many years of business with Lorne.
Jesse Kwasnicia

Lorne, I need a hundred boxes of chicken breasts delivered to Red Deer, AB. Also bring that smooth ride,
I might need it for a date.
Bronson B.

We have been customers of Great Western Steak and Seafood for over 25 years. Lorne is personable and
a true professional, providing great service and a wide selection of high quality products. We have a
couple of favourites – the Orange Roughy and the Halibut Filet. Both products are of superior quality
and are an excellent source of clean protein.
Debbie and Daniel

Lorne has been delivering quality foods to my doorstep for so many years I have lost count! Steak,
chicken breasts, scallops and halibut are some our family favourites. Very reliable and friendly!
Coleen Konopaki

Awesome food! Always excellent quality, wonderful selection and terrific service!
Betsy MacPherson

Started dealing with Lorne by accident about 20 years ago when his vehicle broke down. It is no accident
that we continue to do business with him today. Awesome products…the chicken fingers; shrimp; king
crab; orange roughy and Danish ribs, just to name a few are always in our house. Oh yeah….a pretty
good guy too!
Brad and Miranda Spencer

Lorne, or LT as we call him in Philly, is as good as they come. He’s been a member of the Flyer family and
we always look forward to his visits to the East Coast. You will have trouble finding a bigger supporter of
the organization, but he’s an even better person.
Let’s Go Flyers, win one for the Fishman!!
James Darlington – Manager, Client Development- Philadelphia Flyers

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